UKYS – An app to order tailor made shirts

If you are one of those who are never satisfied with the way a pre-stitched shirt looks on your body, then most likely you prefer a tailor made shirt stitched according to your body measurements. The challenge with that process is that it takes a few visits to the tailoring shop to get a single shirt stitched, which is not ideal for busy professionals.

Enter UKYS.

UKYS is an app that solves the challenge associated with getting a custom shirt ordered. The concept is actually very simple. All you need to do is, download the app, select the shirt you want to order, customize the style, and let the app take your body measurements using your smartphone’s camera. Within a few minutes you have ordered a custom shirt, and the final product will arrive at your doorstep in few days. No need to visit the tailor several times to try out the shirt and have the measurements taken again and again.

According to UKYS, their measurement technlogy is ground breaking, and have been developed after rigorous testing and research. They are confident that their app can take accurate measurements and there is no need to visit any shop to test out the shirt before finishing.

I got a chance to test the app, and surprisingly enough, it is actually pretty simple to use. There are several designs and styles to chose from, and measurement process is very easy to follow. Like I said, within a few minutes I had completed my order and I am expecting the finished product to arrive any day now. This is what I call a hassle-free experience.

Currently the UKYS project and available on Kickstarter here. By ordering through Kickstarter, not only you will be able to get a tailor made shirt at a price much lower than the market price, you will also help launch a very creative product.