The New BlackBerry Curve 9320

Just few months back I was given a chance to test out the latest BlackBerry Bold device as a BlackBerry Super Fan, and as luck would have it, I recently got the latest BlackBerry Curve 9320 from my work. The law of attraction proves itself yet again.

So far I am loving the new BlackBerry. It was already adding a lot of value for me everyday, and now the new curve with OS 7.1 helps me stay even more connected due to its Mobile Hotspot feature. Yes that’s right, the new Curve 9320 can act as a wifi hotspot and let other devices connect to it and share its 3G internet. That means if I need internet access on my laptop then I can wirelessly connect to my BB and use its 3G internet, which is part of the mobile package I have for my BlackBerry.

Not to mention it has a dedicated button for BlackBerry Messenger which helps me instantly chat with my friends and coworkers without navigating through lots of menu options.

My relationship with BlackBerry is strengthening every day and I foresee it to be that way for a long time.

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