Project Glass by Google – Are you in or are you out?

This video has gone viral in the last few days and I came across this just yesterday.

I was blown away when I first watched it and since then I have watched it several times and continue to be amazed and excited about the possibilities.

There have been many discussions and negative opinions about this technology (as it happens with every new concept), mainly revolving around points like invasion of privacy or technology overload or too much distraction and so on.

so here is my take on this.

First of all, as it is evident from my reaction, I love it. I love technology and the ways it integrates with our every day life.

Secondly, Internet is becoming ubiquitous with every passing day and if there is a product or technology to make sense of the plethora of information available on the internet or somehow process the information and presents to us what is relevant, then I am all for it.

Project Glass by Google seems to be aimed at doing exactly that. What you see in the video can already by done using existing Google products available on your mobile device. This is just a new interface to those products are services with some added intelligence and data processing magic. With this technology you no longer have to reach out for your phone and access the information or perform any action. It’s all just right there in front of your eyes. So basically this is an evolution of technology from handheld devices to wearable hands-free devices. It’s nothing revolutionary.

And finally, there can be countless uses for this around collaboration, remote assistance, and gaming. The possibilities, as they say, are limitless.

So I can’t wait for this to be available to general public and see how it is adapted. Count me in to be the first one to use it.

And to answer the naysayers, anyone who opts to use this technology will do it willingly so if you are that worried about privacy just don’t use it. Moreover, no one expects you to wear it when you need privacy so you can just remove it or turn it off when you need some unobtrusive moments. It’s that simple.

So are you in or are you out?