In a typical Dubai style, Candylicious, the world’s biggest candy store, has opened its doors opposite to the Dubai Aquarium, world’s biggest glass aquarium, in Dubai Mall, the worlds biggest mall, in the shadow of Burj Dubai, world’s tallest man made structure.

The place is worth checking out, though. I have never seen such a huge variety of candies at one place before. There were many names I was already familiar with but at the same time I saw many sweets and chocolates that I had never seen before. I was listening to the owner of the shop in a radio interview this morning and she said in terms of size this might not be the biggest store in the world but it has more candies per square meter than anywhere else. They also have more variety than other candy stores. The place had a mesmerizing effect on everyone. Not only kids but even adults were behaving like a kid in a candy store, literally.

They also sell ice-cream and popcorn. I didn’t try the ice-cream but their pop-corn was also the best I have ever had.

Now every time we will go to Dubai Mall we will surely stop by candylicious to buy some popcorn.

Two Highways of Dubai

Skyscrapers on Sheikh Zayed Road in May 2006Image via WikipediaEvery morning I take Emirates Road to go to work. That is not the shortest way to my office but it is the fastest because the highway was recently upgraded to six lanes, which makes it a smooth ride. On a normal day it would take around 45 minutes to reach office, which is great by Dubai standards where it takes more than an hour for many who live in Sharjah.

Despite the smooth ride, Emirates road is boring. It passes through the middle of the desert. This will change in few years after completion of DubaiLand, but until then the road is pretty plain and tasteless.

Today morning, it was announced on radio that Emirates road is blocked because of an accident or something. So we decided to take Sheikh Zayed Road. Now that is the shortest route to the place I work. But it is quite congested during working hours. Plus it’s a tollway so we normally avoid this road. On an empty Sheikh Zayed Road it would take maximum 25 minutes to make it to work.

Another good thing about Sheikh Zayed road is that it passes through major high rise buildings in Dubai, including the Burj Dubai. So driving through Sheikh Zayed Road is never boring.

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