6 Online Tools To Simplify Your Life (Outside Work)

In the old days, a simple mantra of “phone-keys-wallet” would be enough to ensure that you weren’t forgetting anything essential as you left the house for the day.

Today, our smartphones are capable of making life so much simpler on the go. There is an app for everything.  Helpling, the first global online platform for cleaning services, understands the need to simplify. We have researched some of the most useful online tools that you must have to make your life easier, organised and more manageable.

1. Nike+ Training Club – start on the road to fitness without ever having to enter a gym. This app has a countless number of exercises that you can tailor to your own fitness goals. Watch the inspirational ladies on the screen do it first, then just follow their lead! No equipment required, completely flexible timings, and best of all, it’s free!

2. PicLab- how many times can you reuse the same Instagram filters before just losing the inspiration for photography? PicLab allows you to add beautiful typography, apply stunning filters and photo effects. People will soon be asking you for your secret behind such aesthetically pleasing pictures!

3. LinkedIn Pulse – stay up to date with your industry’s latest news with LinkedIn’s new side app, Pulse. It shows you all the articles from your feed in a clean, non-distracting way. Remain on top of all the professional scoop with a coffee in one hand and your phone in the other.

4. Namshi – when are you expected to find the time to go shopping between meetings, deadlines and friends who want to have brunch? But clothes do wear out, making Namshi such an important app. Search for exactly what you want, send in your order, and have it delivered to your doorstep, ready to wear at the next dinner party.

5. Day One – this journaling app allows you to record life as you live it. From once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments. Day One’s elegant interface makes journaling a simple pleasure.

6. 30/30 – A simple task manager that allows you to divide your day into tasks allocating time to complete each task. You can track your progress and use your time efficiently.

These online tools cover everything from planning your training sessions to organizing your day. But if you are looking to create more time to yourself, why not head to www.helpling.ae to book your home cleaning service. Helpling’s mission is to give people more free time so they get to enjoy the other things in life.

Seven years in Dubai

This January marks my seven years of living in Dubai.

It might not be a long time for some, but for me it’s a big deal. I have never lived that long at one place. Because my father was in Air Force, we moved to a new place every couple of years when I was a child. When he retired we settled in Karachi where I lived for 4 years until I moved to US for higher education. During my 4 years in US, I lived in Buffalo, New York and Dallas, Texas so it was not 4 years at the same place. Then I moved back to Karachi and lived there for three years until I moved to Dubai. So there you go, a recap of last 15 years of my life. Four countries and four cities.

It’s also an import period of my life as I was newly married when I moved here and now I am a proud father of a 6-year old daughter and a 3-year old son.

It’s also a time when I grew from someone who had nothing to someone who owns a house in Dubai.

Dubai is where I transitioned from twenty-something to thirty-something.

Dubai is from where I traveled to Holland, Germany, Jordan, France, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and rest of the Middle East.

I don’t know how much longer I will in Dubai, but I know that where ever I live, Dubai will always be in my heart. It might not be the best place in the world, but it has treated me well, and for that I will always keep Dubai dear to me.


Maintain your life journal with STEP Journal

Our life on the internet is scattered over so many portals. There is Facebook, of course, but there is also Foursquare, and twitter, and Instagram, and lots of other places where critical information about our life is stored. And then there wearable devices now which also store valuable information about our life.

Many at times, I feel the need to consolidate all information spread across the internet and put it at one place, and look at the big picture.

Don’t you feel the same way?

Well now there is an app for that!

Enter STEP. The app that documents every step of your life.

Please check out the video review above. In short, the app connects with different data sources like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your device’s location data, activities tracking devices, and more. Once you connect the app with these portals, and let it run for a day or so, then you will see the app’s home page showing you different “steps” during your day. You have the option to edit the step in any way you want by including pictures, changing the date, editing the location in the map, or adding notes.

Over time, you will have a complete history of your activities, consolidated from different sources.

You can download the app for Android here.

Try it, and let me know your thoughts.

Kids App – Let’s Play with DingDong

If you are looking for a fun and harmless app to keep your kids occupied for hours and hours, then this app is your answer.

Let’s play with DingDong is a music app for kids which let’s the kids familiarize themselves with different aspects of music in a fun and exciting way.

The app features an animated character called DingDong, who is fond of music. You do different activities with the character, like dress it up, sing songs, play musical instruments, and so on.

While doing these activities, the kid gets familiar with music in a non intrusive way and that’s the beauty of this app.

You can see my detailed review in the above video. I let me daughter play with the app and she loved it. It’s now installed in her own tablet and she plays it every day.

Let me know your comments about this app.

Android Download

Dubai – DOS & DON’TS

Welcome back! We welcome each of the Business Partners of FM World.

This video refers to things that should and should not do during your visit to Dubai.

We have chosen a very special location.

One place I’m sure I’ll enjoy it when see it.

This happens to be the room where they stay all top Partners in September 2014, at the Hotel Jumeirah Beach.

Well, one of the reasons we want to share with you this video is because we want to emphasize that this is a different part of the world.

The roots on which this state was reduced in the Islamic world.

That is why there are very important information and binding rules should all be aware of our Partners.

Remember that 30 years ago there was nothing here except sand, there were no roads or buildings.

And now it has become one of the most beautiful cities across the world with over 60 million visitors annually.

So it is important to pay attention.

I will share with you – what should and should not do in Dubai.

Hello everyone! How are you? They had to bring to you another amazing part of the hotel! I know that the room was magnificent, and so is the view – but now I stand in another corner of the hotel and guess what I see.

Associated with one of the most dramatic water parks I’ve ever seen.

Said Wild Wadi.

It is complementary to all hotel guests.

This means that you can enjoy the experience it offers.

Remember, it is very important to drink plenty of water! Makes a lot of heat here.

When you come here in September will have around 35 ° C! Drink too much water! Now, you can drink alcohol.

I know you’re wondering where to find alcohol.

You do not want water.

You can drink around the pool, on the beach, in some parts of the hotel, in nightclubs and bars.

There are lots of them.

However, be careful not to get caught drinking in a public place or in a mall.

And watch your behavior! There is no tolerance for aggression! You love life, we do not need fights.

Here we express feelings of love! And this is the best! There is sun 350 days a year.

Those who come here want to have a good time.

So it is very important to remember that it is not acceptable aggression.

Okay, going to drink? Drink at parties is permitted, but when you exit them from the bar, watch your behavior.

Remember that there is absolutely no tolerance for aggression, and if any problem arises, I will not get you out of jail, agree? We will stay here for a few years locked.

So I just have fun and enjoy your stay.

Now you see behind me many interesting things.

Of course you can see the Burj Al Arab, ie eptastero hotel is very impressive.

Displaying still a beautiful pool, white beaches, the Medinat Souk where you can walk from the hotel.

There are bars and places to have fun here and see all the beautiful white beaches.

Important! Girls! Girls, be careful what you say.

You can not do topless in the UAE, you can wear your swimsuit but in any case you can not show your hole locations.

Keep them just for you.

Then it is very important and men to do the same.

When on the road, you should wear shirt and you’re always dressed.

Of course, at the beach or the pool or on your balcony you can move as you want.

The same men.

Just enjoy! It is a beautiful place.

I chose to stay here because I got used to this life throughout the year.

And you will be here in September! I look forward to seeing you all and have fun together.

Hello again! Cheers to you! I keep a glass of amazing champagne Moët & amp; Chandon here on the beautiful beach of Dubai! Mmm.

just lovely! Now we are in a very small beach, another area of ??the hotel will enjoy the beach.

There are still some things I’d like to share with you before the video ends.

Spending so beautiful I wanted to go but have to finish slowly to change clothes and go to the beach.

Something much more important.

When using a camera or camcorder, be sure you do not shoot video or photos with locals or people who speak Arabic, as this is strictly prohibited.

This includes the areas of shopping centers.

You have to respect this cultural specificity.

Also, the event affection in public places is not allowed.

Specifically, you may not get caught hand-in-hand, kissing or doing similar actions and of course forbidden sex on the beach.

This will necessarily lead to prison.

So I wait until you go into the room.

Anyway, it was my pleasure to share these moments with each of you, our Partners FM World.

I’m so excited to see you and I look forward to meeting you here to move perfectly together during your stay.

Time for leisure, time to recharge, because you deserve it.

On behalf of the FM GROUP United Arab Emirates from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, by the FM World would like to welcome you in Dubai! We look forward to seeing you.

Have fun!.

Source: Youtube subtitles