Nude Beaches in Dubai

at beachImage via Wikipedia.
The beach above is not in Dubai
Well, unfortunately, there are none!

It would have been great to have some nude beaches in Dubai, but as it stands none exist in Dubai, or anywhere else in the UAE, for that matter.

Yet, people from some Western countries fail to understand this and do not hesitate to go topless as soon as they get their feet wet at a Dubai beach.

Some go as far as indulging in sexual activities at a public beach.

Obviously the authorities will take action against any public display of indecency.

But what’s unfortunate is that the media is covering this negatively. They are portraying Dubai as a conservative place. And that’s very sad.

I really don’t understand why this is such a big deal if nudity in beaches is not allowed in Dubai, or having sex in public. How many places exist in the world where you can go nude in public, or make out with your significant other? Not a lot.

These acts are considered indecent (and illegal) in most parts of the world, belonging to any religion. There is a limit to how can you behave in public. Cross that line and you will find yourself in trouble.

You will be warned and arrested in any country for acting indecent.

So please, don’t make a fuss about it when Dubai police is trying to stop people from indecency.

Just because it’s tax-free doesn’t mean the beaches are clothes-free as well.

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11 thoughts on “Nude Beaches in Dubai”

  1. Salaams Umar,

    ive been reading your stuff for a while through karachi metblogs and now have been reading this blog sinceive been subscribed by your wife. ive seen in your last few posts that you really enjoy the modern life style and desire for nude beaches etc. however, not all of us are attracted to the prospects of viewing nude pictures/people. i know its your blog and you have a right to post whatever you please. but as a muslim sister, it is my job to remind you that its offensive and derogatory. Not only do i not appreciate my gender being treated so objectively, i don’t appreciate opening my email to see nude pictures. Even if your wife lets you enjoy women gazing, please remember that Islam prohibits it.

    I know you may not appreciate this message. But this mail isnt meant to be pleasurable. I know I could have written this email with less sarcasm and bluntness, but i’m at the airport waiting for a flight to catch and have been up for the last 36 hours. blame it on sleep deprivation!

    i know its ur blog and u might not like me writing this. plz feel free to remove me from ur rss, should u feel the need to.


    1. Sheza » I totally respect your opinion and completely understand your concerns. However, you totally misunderstood the point of my post. The point I want to make is that nude beaches don’t exist in Dubai and how this fact is not realized by tourists and residents of Dubai. Never did I say that there should be nude beaches in Dubai or criticized the actions of Dubai government. I just wanted to create awareness in a metaphorical way.

  2. Just reading your title.. I knew this was impossible. For a fact, Dubai has always been conservative.. lol. But just as you’ve said, it would cool if there was really nude beaches in dubai.

  3. shame on every one who want a nude girls on beaches , actuily you guys want to see your own mother and sissters naked on beach , fuck u

  4. I totally understood the guys story. some of you guys must be lame or slow, you don’t have to write everything tell a story, i like his style, u don’t even have to think hard… no offense just the way i get it from the posts. But the blog is totally cool, short and enjoyable for many to read and this is not the point, the point is? the guy uses a topic to catch audience and purverts on search engines that are looking for nude beaches in dubai… he’s is even ironically writing about some of people steriotyping even after they comment on his work, mind you also stereriotypes that just see dubai as just the only place that brings breaking headlines if nudes are spotted. The point is actually the last line that says ooh no i will not reference…bloody!…do i have to retype it? you guys need to re-read the blog with a different state of mind and not read when you are exhausted like the lady in airport and mind you you didn’t have to state that as it’s not logically mingling with the blog… sorry if i’m too much just exhausting all points in my head… no offence once again. tc guys.

  5. then go visit places that have is supposed to be an “islamic” country…im sorry u can do gunah here oops sry… miss sana, please leave your senseless comments somewhere else.

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