Hot Girls in Dubai

Girls on Dubai Beach
This post might look like spam, but it is not.

When I say Dubai has best of what the world has to offer, it holds true for girls as well.

There is abundance of hot, sexy girls in Dubai. Of course one should have the eye to recognize and appreciate the beauty, in addition to the knowledge of where to spot one.

The best place to find hot chicks would be Jumeirah Beach. That’s where you will see chicks enjoying the clean waters. But there is one catch. If you are a guy and you go there alone, or with other male friends, chances are you will be chased away by the security, if anyone complains that you are intruding the privacy of the ladies. So a better option is to go to beach with a girl. That way no one will be suspicious that you are just there to look at the girls, not beach.

But if beach beauty is not your thing (or you don’t have a chick to go with), then you can head to the mall (where else). Now here again you have to watch which mall you are going to, because not all malls are notorious for hot girls. This really depends on where the mall is located. Mall of Emirates, for example, is located near prime residential areas of Dubai where people from US and UK and other western countries live. So it very likely that you will find hot chicks in Mall of Emirates (this is not assuming that girls from US and UK are always hot, but just for the sake of discussion).

That’s as far as just looking at the girls from a distance goes. Don’t expect to hook with a hot chick at a beach or in a mall, unless you have extra ordinary skills in attracting girls.

If you want to hook up with a girl, the best place is to go to a club or pub in a hotel. Of course, I can’t guarantee that you will find a decent girl there, but that’s just how things work. In one of my future posts I will write about club scene in Dubai.

Until then enjoy the girls at beaches and malls.

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