First time in Dubai? Here is what you need to know

If you are planning on visiting Dubai for the first time, then you will need to be prepared and well-informed. Dubai is the ultimate traveling destination and a place with a plethora of tourist attractions. The city is full of adventurous activities and places to visit. It is a dream destination for many and it’s normal to be excited about visiting the city known for its luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene.

Which is why to truly enjoy the city and what it has to offer, you need to be aware of the city’s rules, culture and above all its local etiquette before visiting. In a city that welcomes all tourists, here is all you need to know about Dubai, before planning a visit.

1- Summer is all year round

When in Dubai, you should know that summer is the only season you will find there. Temperature is always hot, all year round and even though it rains from time to time but the weather remains hot and it gets very hot in May to July. Not so many people can adjust to this type of weather, so just be prepared before you go!

2- Public display of affection is a no-no

A Muslim country nonetheless, Dubai frowns upon public display of affection such as kissing, cuddling, etc. A major traveling rule that needs to be followed, is to respect the culture of the country you are visiting. Breaking this cultural rule is actually illegal and you might get arrested. So, show respect!

3- During Ramadan, calmness prevails

If you ever plan on visiting the city of Dubai during Ramadan, expect a different lifestyle than the usual witnessed in ordinary days. Restaurants are closed during the days, nightlife doesn’t exist and shopping malls see fewer people than usual days. As for the dress code during the holy month, conservative clothes are what the city people wear. One thing you must know during Ramadan is that eating or drinking in public is not allowed.

4- Check for the apartment or hotel prices

Since Dubai is one of the top holiday destinations in the world, the tourist accommodations are a bit of expensive. So it is always better to do a comparison of different accommodation options available in the city. If it is a long-term visit (30 days or more), it is better to look for a rental apartment in Dubai. Also, the hotel prices differ from season to season.

5- Pre-book your ticket to Skydive Dubai

People actually pre-book this excitement sky adventure months before visiting Dubai. Feel that adrenaline rush with an exceptional skydiving experience at Skydive Dubai where you will get to defy your natural human instinct and actually jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

6- Skiing is now indoors

Dubai houses the world’s third largest indoor ski slope and the first ever to open in the Middle East. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, Ski Dubai is located in Mall of Emirates, one of the largest shopping malls in the world. Here is where you get to have a fun-filled day in an amazing mountain-themed wintery setting. From playing with actual penguins to snowboarding; this place is a must visit.

7- Speak whatever language you know best

Since Dubai is the city with a large number of expats, Arabic is not its main language. If you are an Arab who is fluent in English, that will work there. It also works for Russian, German and Chinese languages. This makes it the perfect traveling destination for tourists from all over the world where they won’t find it difficult to communicate.

8- The ‘Drinking Alcohol Rule’

Alcohol is only available in hotels, bars, and certain restaurants. However, if you wish to purchase a bottle from a local store, it won’t be that easy as only residents with a license to buy alcohol are the ones allowed to do so. Also, drinking alcohol in public is illegal and if caught you will be required to pay a fine and you might even spend the night in jail.

9- Bikinis are allowed

Even though it is a Muslim country, but bikinis are allowed on public beaches. At beaches, you are allowed to dress as you would in Europe, no restrictions. However, when in malls or streets; it is better to cover your shoulders so as not to grab much attention to yourself.

10- When in malls, bring a jacket

Shopping malls in all of Dubai are extremely cold thanks to their efficient air conditioning system. So if you think you don’t need one just because the city’s weather is usually hot, you will regret doing so if entered a mall in Dubai.

11- The ultimate shopping destination

Dubai is considered the ultimate shopping destination in all of UAE. Dubai Mall, for instance, is known as the home of Dubai’s shopping festival. Dubai is also the home of many big brand names in the world of fashion. Get ready to spend all of your money shopping in some of the world’s amazing shopping malls.

12- Plenty of events

Dubai hosts a wide array of events all year round, which is why before planning your visit make sure to check the events taking place at the time of your visit. Dubai always hosts mega shopping festivals, concerts for renowned artists from around the world and sporting events that will blow your mind. Before booking that ticket, check Dubai’s calendar of events first.

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