Evil bank

If the only purpose of a bank is to screw its customers, and then turn a deaf year to their screams and shouts, then such bank deserves to be ridiculed over the internet as fast as possible. It should become a common knowledge that this bank is evil, and all the “survivors” of the bank should start an awareness campaign to save others from become a victim.

Citibank Pakistan is one such bank. I am starting an internet campaign against Citibank and I am going to make sure everyone I know boycotts Citibank. How it bit me will be covered in detail in a separate post.

So who’s with me?

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7 thoughts on “Evil bank”

  1. Buddy,
    Having worked in a bank myself for four years, I can safely say that every bank is evil. If you expect any good from a bank, that’s your fault. Why Citibank? Start a campaign against all the banks!!!

  2. I Agree,
    Citibank is a bad bank not only in pakistan but internationally.
    after a couple of bad runin’s from citibank i have vowed neverto take a credit card offer or even a bank account from citibank. BTW all banks are evil in intention but not in QOS.
    Citibank is pathetic in QOS.

  3. Count me in – I am ready to lash out at Alfalah too – or heck better yet organize a campaign to FIX these cut-your-throat-run-with-your-money credit card banks. The offer you the sky but the moment you sign up they sneak in that credit insurance. that’s the tip of the iceberg don’t even get me started – I’m with you even for a street riot against these banks LOL that should be fun

  4. faisal, while I agree with you, other banks do listen to their customers complains and take some action to rectify. Citibank does nothing, they don’t care.

    Ok, that’s a nice response. I shall make another post soon about the action plan. Hang in there.

  5. Just canceling and clearing my debts on my credit cards from around a dozen bank in Pakistan (Union Bank Visa, American Express, UBL, Citibank, SCB, Abn Amro) last month… I got to know that All the banks are just concerned of your dough.. out of them the Standard Chartered Bank was the worst experience for me!!!

    While sitting for repayments in Citibank office I experienced an awful thing…a person wanted to meet someone inside to clear his debt but the front-desk employee was not letting him in… he later told that i have talked for cancellation of card and i have gone completely bankrupt and please do something for me and i wanted to talk with you inside… but the employee was too rude… Then later he told him that i am on dialysis and have kidney failure still citibank is asking for interets anbd late charges… i c am jobless and can’t do work… my children and wife are running pillar to post…

    I am with you Umar against the exhorbent interest rate without mutual consensus.

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