End of driving classes

Ok, today I completed my driving classes and now I drive like a pro. I am not kidding you. I could win nascar.

But seriously though, I asked my instructor what were my chances of passing the road said, he said I could easily pass it if I drive the way I drove today. How’s that for boosting the moral.

Another friend of mine passed his road test on first attempt. This gives me hope that I can do it too.

So I guess I should be relaxed and not feel so nervous. Maybe it’s just a hype and it’s not that hard to pass the road test.

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2 thoughts on “End of driving classes”

  1. well i passed my test on second attempt.i guess it is strange for us pakistanis to actually drive with rules and regulations.here,traffic is usually going in a flow so its not such a big deal.but i know ppl who gave test for lke 6 times and than cleared.but i am not very sure about dubai traffic. heard its pretty bad

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