eFOLDi – a folding electric scooter

There is so much work going on in the field of personal transportation devices. In few years we will see more people using these gadgets to commute short distances rather than walking.

In this post I want to talk about eFOLDi, an three-wheeled electric scooter than can fold into a suitcase, and coverts into a chair.

eFOLDi has already received many accolades. It is a promising device as it not only solves the problem of portability but also adds value in form of a chair, and when in suitcase mode it can be carried into trains and airplanes.

The makers of eFOLDi are targeting commuters and senior citizens as their users. I think it makes perfect sense for senior citizens to use it as it is very common in US and Canada to senior citizens traveling on scooters. However, I am not sure how appealing it would be to younger people. I personally would not want a sitting device for my travels. I don’t mind using a bike or a standing scooter but I don’t see myself using a three wheeled scooter anytime soon. But that’s just my opinion. It is entirely possible that the benefits of this device make it highly appealing to all demographics.

You can find more information about eFOLDi here. It is currently being funded at kickstarter, and well on it’s way to achieve its target. If you are feeling enthusiastic about it then feel free to contribute to the campaign and become an early adopter.