CycleBoard – Alternative to hoverboard

Hoverboards are gaining popularity lately as personal lightweight transport device. While they seem fun, there have been reports of them being unsafe, and personally I think their practicality is limited. It’s nothing more than an expensive toy.

What’s more practical, in my opinion, would be a bike. But it requires certain physical effort specially if your commute involves going uphill. Now I don’t mind getting a workout but sometimes I just don’t feel like cycling up the hill.

Enter CycleBoard.

Not only this is alternative to hoverboard, but also it can replace bike in many cases. It’s basically a cross between hoverboard and scooter, and it’s battery powered so no physical effort is required to make it move. Just ride and go.

What I liked the most is 20MPH top speed. This is game changer. It makes 1-2 miles commute can be completed in just a few minutes. It’s lightweight and portable so you can carry it with you inside the train or bus.

I see this as of the must have gadgets if you want to live a car free life.

CycleBoard is fully funded and production will start shortly. You can find out more information and ordering options here.

Good luck.