Laimoon – Find your dream job in Dubai

Everyone knows that in order to live in Dubai and enjoy all its facilities one has to find a job here. It’s no surprise then that Dubai is one of the hottest places for job seekers. Millions of professionals from all areas of expertise are searching for employment opportunities in Dubai. At the same time, organizations in Dubai are constantly on the lookout for talented individuals. For any open vacancy there are hundreds of applications. But still somehow employers are unable to find the suitable employees and job hunters cannot land the right job. Clearly something is wrong somewhere.

Enter Laimoon, a new service that is designed to solve this problem. Below is what the people behind Laimoon tell how they do it

We wanted to fix that [process], so we built an engine that could provide a better matching. We did this first by getting to know the job seeker better. With a clear and engaging user interface, we learn more and get clear signals. We do this without showing off job listings like most sites do right on the homepage. It’s only after we get to know them that we display their relevant results.

Curiously I decided to try it out so I created an account on Laimoon to see how things work (and of course I also work in Dubai and always on the lookout for better opportunities). After I signed up I was presented with a few questions about myself and then I was presented with job opportunities based on my aspirations and ambitions.

So basically they are matching the candidate with job description first and then disclosing the company name and other details to the candidate.

Interesting concept given that it’s still in its initial stages. But as of now it might not work for everyone for example in my case I am looking for a specific kind of job at a specific kind of company at a specific salary range. Now a very different company can have a very attractive job description that I might like just by looking at the job description but I still won’t apply for that job because I am not interested in that company or the salary is not acceptable to me. In other words the matching that Laimoon is doing is very wide and it would take a lot of optimization in their engine to do a close match.

But there is more, Laimoon also aggregates job listings from different employers and shows them at one place (relevant to your interests obviously), and this feature alone is enough to use it every day as it would save you a lot of time spend in searching for vacancies at different companies on their website.

I would highly recommend Laimoon if you are looking for a job in Dubai or surrounding region. Although its a new website it has great potential and will certainly get better with time.

Good luck.

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Amusing Amalgamation of Parties and Entertainment Centers

This is a guest post by Aalee Ishat

Holidays and weekends are the perfect occasions for the entire family to spend some quality time and outdoor parks and family entertainment centers are a hit among children and toddlers. These family centers are spread over a well planned space but are smaller in comparison to amusement or theme parks. These places offer a delightful combination of indoor games and activities along with thrilling rides to suit different age groups. Such an entertainment center offers smaller sections dedicated to particular games and activities and are accordingly designed to entertain kids across different age groups.

Arcade games, redemption games, pin bowling are extremely popular among preteens. Play areas with small slides, swings and other rides are specially designed for toddlers as the trained staff and the child safe environment ensure complete safety and security of your little one. Some entertainment centers also offer activities like painting, block building and treasure hunts that are sure to delight all the family members.

Also, the vast spread of delectable fast food, beverages and snacks are perfect to recharge your batteries and also treat your kids with their favorite food. Outdoor rides in most family entertainment centers are a healthy mix of thrilling and traditional rides or slides that will leave your kids squealing with joy and delight. Giant wheels, roller coasters, water or pool games and many other exciting games are sure to delight adults and kids alike for a fun filled and memorable day with the entire family.

An integral part of perfect party is the venue that must suit the occasion in demand. Party venues vary depending on age-group, the celebration and the number of invites in attendance. For large gatherings, outdoor venues like lawns, gardens are preferred as the sprawling area allows kids to run without abandon while indoor places are preferred for intimate gatherings. Most party centers require you to book in advance and some also offer food and beverage services thus reducing the hassle of locating a caterer.

When kids are involved, a lot of planning is required as the venue chosen must be safe, secure and fun for your party to be a complete success. Choices of party centers for teenagers abound and vary from poolsides, nightclubs, lounges where the young adults can enjoy with friends with delectable food, music and beverages for company. Birthdays, celebrations and other gatherings for kids under 10 are usually held indoors. These indoor party centers are generally located in malls, clubhouse halls and indoor play areas. These places are safe and secure thanks to the attentive staff while the swings, rides, etc. Keep little ones entertained as you sit back and enjoy the fun. These places usually have their own party packages where parents have only to make the bookings and everything from invites, decoration, food and entertainment are taken care of.

By keeping in mind the venue and age-group, you can throw a great party that promises a memorable time as you celebrate your special occasion with loved ones.

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Umar Siddiqi dot com is more social than ever

Folks, now you can stay in touch with latest posts on my blog not only by visiting the website but also by subscribing to my RSS feeds through a reader or email and by following me on twitter, and finally by liking my blog’s Facebook page.

Here is how it all works…


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So as you can see, it’s very easy to stay in touch with my blog, and now there are even more reasons to do so because of all the exciting things that are about to happen here.

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Video – BlackBerry Super Fans

So I mentioned in my first BlackBerry Super Fan post that all the Super Fans participated in a video shoot in which we shared our thoughts about BlackBerry and then were given a new BB device.

Well the video is released and you can view it below.

BlackBerry has opened up many new doors for me. That’s why I am a Super Fan. Expect to see a lot more videos and reviews about BlackBerry on my blog and very soon you will be able to win a BlackBerry device as well.

So stay tuned and do let me know how you liked the video.

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Moving to Dubai? Few things to consider

This is a guest post by Richard Hughes, a content writer and link builder currently employed by Online Ventures Group. He blogs for a number of sites including Select Property.

Before relocating to any country, it is advisable to find out as much as you can about the lifestyle changes you are going to have to adjust to. This is particularly true for those of you who are looking to relocate to areas such as the Middle East.

Understand the Culture

Although certain parts of the Middle East and United Arab Emirates have softened their approach towards Western ideals in recent years, due in no small part to the large numbers of European and westernized folk relocating to there, it is still necessary to remember that Muslim countries enjoy a vastly different culture to the one that most expats are used to. Being sensitive to these cultural differences. whilst still having the opportunity to enjoy a western approach to life is one of the keys to a successful relocation. In Dubai, after an initial period where foreign workers were given more flexibility with regards to their ‘activities’, authorities have now started to clamp down on such behavior, and anyone looking to relocate to Dubai should carefully consider Dubai’s approach to such issues as public displays of affection, the use of swearing and offensive language, dress codes and cohabitation. Countless expats have run into trouble for any one of these reasons before, and whilst Dubai is not the dramatic departure from Western ideals that some horror stories may lead you to believe, it is still important to behave with respect and consideration for the differences in lifestyle and ideals between your old and new homelands.

Understand the Weather

Another important issue to consider is the drastic change in climate that you will probably have to adjust to. Living in sunnier climes is always going to be an attractive prospect, and an important factor in choosing a region to relocate to. But many people underestimate the level of adjustment required to successfully relocate. Most of us like to enjoy two weeks of sun during the summer months, but it is an entirely different proposition to experience this all year round. During the summer months of June to September, temperatures in Dubai can rise to a sweltering 45°C and humidity levels can at times seem almost unbearable. It is a completely different kettle of fish to two weeks in the Costa Del Sol.

Set the Expectations Right

Another thing that will need to be considered is that of the career opportunities available within your industry, and how this is likely to affect your move abroad. The first thing to remember is that in order to work legally in Dubai you will need to obtain a work permit. This is a rule that it is imperative that you adhere to. Those who have a short term contract should not even entertain the idea of taking a calculated risk. Most employers in Dubai however, are well versed in the art of obtaining work permits for employees, having navigated the process so many times. Nevertheless it is still important to consider this. Expats utilize a number of approaches to finding work in Dubai, from traveling on a tourist visa in order to network or gain interviews, whilst others will register with recruitment agencies that specialize in their particular field. It is also worth remembering that due to the suffering of the Dubai economy, career opportunities are not as plentiful as they once were during the country’s economic boom.

Know the Cost of Living

In a recent poll conducted by Barclay’s International Banking, 28.16% of expatriates surveyed cited the cost of living as the biggest challenge faced when moving abroad. The mistake that a number of people make upon initial relocation is to assume that the cost of living will be like for like, which is frankly not the case. Living space is a highly desired commodity, and you should expect to pay top dollar for a place to lay your head, particularly in highly sought after areas such as Dubai Marina. Transportation is obviously a key expense. Dubai has an excellent public transport network, with buses running frequently. Unfortunately, these buses are used by a huge number of people and can become quite congested. When combined with the large amount of road traffic some find it easier to use taxi services, but the cost of this can quickly rack up so it is worth keeping an eye on. Also, though rarely at the forefront of people’s minds is the cost of things such as food. If you are planning to mainly eat at home then this shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but for those of us who enjoy eating out, this should really be budgeted for as certain restaurants can be quite expensive.

Whilst an adjustment period is to be expected when you relocate to any area, these issues will demand careful consideration and planning before your move. Only by paying due consideration to these issues and others will you ensure that your relocation is a successful one and will be able to enjoy many happy years in your new home.

All the best and good luck in whatever decision you make.

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