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Comment by Salman Kasbati
2004-12-30 01:15:50

Oh ho ho! Good to hear that you are coming :)

When? What are the plans then? Any luck in job hunting? Or haven’t started yet?

Comment by umar
2004-12-30 17:19:47

i am sure by luck you mean success, right? well… i havent tried enough to have any success yet.

Comment by Nabeel
2004-12-30 19:42:19

I am happy that u r going back to Pakistan after learning a lot from US but I am really sad to say that u havent learnt compromise along with exhibiting normal behavior in unusual circumtances or situation which u dont like.Please try to practice this in ur life becoz in Pakistan,u will face a lot of such situations.Its my advice to u as ur elder brother.Take care and good luck in ur future endeavors.

Comment by Haroon
2005-01-09 22:12:22

Best of luck Umar and I hope you have fun in Karachi

Comment by Bruce
2005-01-11 01:14:49

And starbucks, Mcdonald’s and Subways will be waiting fr u eagerly in karachi!! welcome to global dominance the capitalist way!

2007-08-27 17:14:58

[...] Back to Basic: I wrote that when I announced that I was returning to Karachi. [...]


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