back to basic

after four years of living, studying, working, struggling, surviving and mostly fooling around in america, i have decided to return to pakistan. thats where i belong and thats where i wanna be.

In these four years, i have changed completely. if you met me four years ago and created an impression about me in your mind, then chances are that if you meet me now you will find me as a totally different person. these have been the longest and shortest four years of my life at the same time. and perhaps the best 4 years of my life so far.

I met all kinds of people in the last four years. some of the best and some of the worst people one can ever imagine. and i learned from every one of them.

I learned how someone can become from nobody to the most important person in the world for somebody just by happening to be there at that time. i truly understood the meaning of the phrase that to the world you might be one person but to one person you might be the world.

I learned how one meeting with a complete stranger can totally change the way you look and think about life. and then that stranger leaves without even telling their name. you meet people all the time but some people leave their everlasting footprints on your path of life.

I learned how someone you think you know well can turn into stranger with the blink of an eye. and i feel so lucky to learn that lesson now rather then at a later stage of life when it would have been too late.

I learned how to use somebody. and how somebody can use you, and how you want to be used by somebody, again, and again. i had no idea being used can give such happiness.

I learned how important it is to keep your sense of humor intact at all times and under all circumstances, even when you are almost sure the world is going to end the next minute. smiling and making others smile not only makes the hard time pass by real fast but it makes the whole experience a memorable one.

But time and time again, i learned how hard it is to make some people smile. and how some people just dont appreciate the fact that spreading a few smiles wouldn’t bring any harm.

I learned how things you think as most irrelevant and unimportant mean everything and how some of the most important things turn out to be insignificant.

I learned how some people have very narrow and shallow perspective about things and that anything thats beyond their comfort zone just cant fit in their small mind. they fail to understand how far and wide this world is stretched and that there are countless scenarious and possibilites of being and happening something and that sticking with the conservative belief system would only bring harm to them by slowing down their speed of progress and world will never wait for them to catch up.

and that if you really have to blame somebody for your failures then blame yourself. ‘cuz blaming others wouldn’t change the fact that you are a looser.

and nothing beats the first kiss.

oh, and it was not all about learning all the lessons. I had some of the best fun. Met some of the best ladies. Got introduced to some of the best music and watched some of the best movies.

I dont know when i will come to america again. maybe in an year, maybe in five years, maybe ten, or maybe never. but i know for sure that these four years will have an impact on my life for ever, where ever I went.

So that’s it.

goodbye Dallas. goodbye texas. goodbye new york city, lost angeles, chicago and canada.

goodbye starbucks coffee, goodbye banana republic, goodbye Subway and McDonalds.

goodbye america.

Karachi, here i come!