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Places to Visit in Turkey and Their Specialty

Given Turkey’s diversified natural beauty, its historical and cultural values together with its fascinating buildings, it has become one of the favorite destinations to millions of tourists. Every consecutive year, tourists make time to visit Turkey and spend quality vacations there. Indeed, Turkey has various attraction sites with diverse specialties. In order to make a visit to Turkey worthwhile, one has to find out about the places to visit prior to the vacation. Below are some places that one can visit in Turkey, but compared to their magnitude, these are just a tip of the iceberg.
1. Turkey’s Traditional towns
Indeed, Turkey forefathers established great architectural background. They created wonderful traditional houses that still exist up to date. Today, those famous houses are home to millions of Turkish citizens. In fact, some of them have upgraded to town level and they include:
Safranbolu- The town lies within the black sea region of Turkey. This town dates back to the 17th century, and it is a preservation of some of Ottomans architectural works.

Ankara — This is another one of Turkey’s attraction sites. Furthermore, Ankara is Turkey’s capital city, causing it to have a very high population density. Among the attraction sites within this city are museums and markets which are large enough to keep one busy for a whole day.

Antalya — This city is truly a breath taking holiday destination. It has naturally beautiful beaches and gardens that create a friendly environment to visitors. Further, Antalya boasts for its friendly and welcoming population. On a visit to Antalya, one notices the cooperative behavior of the inhabitant creating an urge for one to reside there a bit longer.

2. Turkey’s Shopping Malls
Of course, upon visiting a new environment, tourists often purchase attractive products to carry on their return home. However, it might be a challenge finding something that is unique and of high quality. However, upon visiting Turkey, one need not worry since there are various shopping malls, most of which deal in Turkey’s antique products which one cannot find anywhere else. Some of these famous shopping malls include:
The Grand Bazaar — This shopping mall is located in Cukurcuma Antiques District in Istanbul. It specializes in antique and new Turkish products ranging ceramics to large ones which include carpets. One Turkish ceramic characteristic that attracts tourists is decorations. Indeed, the Grand Bazaar should be on everyone’s must visit list.

Istinye Park Mall — This is among Turkey’s latest shopping malls. Istinye has a unique design including closed and pen air sections. This new mall specializes in various things among them flowers, books jewelry, cafés and restaurants.

3. Tourists activities
As a tourist destination, Turkey region of Cappadocia offers a number of interesting activities ranging from sports, arts and culture. Along Turkey’s long coastline, tourists can engage in several activities including swimming, water rafting, yachting, hiking and above all the incredible hot air balloons. Cappadocia is famous for its hot air balloons activities that attract over a hundred balloons in a day. In addition if one makes a visit to Turkey during the hot weather, one can enjoy underwater diving and enjoy seeing the sunken ships. Similarly, among Turkey’s mountainous regions, tourists can go for mountain climbing and skiing.

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