Around the web: Blogging tips and tricks

Here are some resources for upcoming and established bloggers who are looking for ways to improve their blog.

Why should you blog: Some motivation to start (or restart) blogging in case you are still not sure about the idea.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Blog: If above article didn’t convince you, perhaps this will.

30 Most Popular Blogs: Here are some popular blogs to give you an idea of what is successfull on the blogospehere.

How to blog: Some do’s and dont’s of blogging. A very helpful article for new and experienced bloggers.

Top 10 mistakes new bloggers make: Make sure you don’t make these mistakes. Even I find myself guilty of some of these mistakes.

101 Great Posting Ideas That Will Make Your Blog Sizzle: Now that you are all motivated and geared up, here are some ideas that will get you started. You can consult this article from time to time when you seem to be running out of ideas.

120+ Resources for Bloggers: Finally, here are some resources to make your blog look and feel and act better and smarter.

Happy blogging!