eFOLDi – a folding electric scooter

There is so much work going on in the field of personal transportation devices. In few years we will see more people using these gadgets to commute short distances rather than walking.

In this post I want to talk about eFOLDi, an three-wheeled electric scooter than can fold into a suitcase, and coverts into a chair.

eFOLDi has already received many accolades. It is a promising device as it not only solves the problem of portability but also adds value in form of a chair, and when in suitcase mode it can be carried into trains and airplanes.

The makers of eFOLDi are targeting commuters and senior citizens as their users. I think it makes perfect sense for senior citizens to use it as it is very common in US and Canada to senior citizens traveling on scooters. However, I am not sure how appealing it would be to younger people. I personally would not want a sitting device for my travels. I don’t mind using a bike or a standing scooter but I don’t see myself using a three wheeled scooter anytime soon. But that’s just my opinion. It is entirely possible that the benefits of this device make it highly appealing to all demographics.

You can find more information about eFOLDi here. It is currently being funded at kickstarter, and well on it’s way to achieve its target. If you are feeling enthusiastic about it then feel free to contribute to the campaign and become an early adopter.

CycleBoard – Alternative to hoverboard

Hoverboards are gaining popularity lately as personal lightweight transport device. While they seem fun, there have been reports of them being unsafe, and personally I think their practicality is limited. It’s nothing more than an expensive toy.

What’s more practical, in my opinion, would be a bike. But it requires certain physical effort specially if your commute involves going uphill. Now I don’t mind getting a workout but sometimes I just don’t feel like cycling up the hill.

Enter CycleBoard.

Not only this is alternative to hoverboard, but also it can replace bike in many cases. It’s basically a cross between hoverboard and scooter, and it’s battery powered so no physical effort is required to make it move. Just ride and go.

What I liked the most is 20MPH top speed. This is game changer. It makes 1-2 miles commute can be completed in just a few minutes. It’s lightweight and portable so you can carry it with you inside the train or bus.

I see this as of the must have gadgets if you want to live a car free life.

CycleBoard is fully funded and production will start shortly. You can find out more information and ordering options here.

Good luck.

Top Attractions in Dubai

Dubai is popular among rich lifestyle lovers. It is full of fun things to do. Dubai is the only city that offers you many adventurous activities such as scuba diving, Jet-Skiing, hot air balloon ride, desert safari and snow skiing. Nearly everything is close to each other. Sand, sea, wonderful skyline and sky are for sure free to all. Anybody is able to enjoy their holiday at Jumeirah sands and a few other top attractions. One of the most luxurious destinations of the world, Dubai also allows you to see the breathtaking sight of The Burj Dubai and Beach parks too. Top attractions that you must visit in Dubai are Liwa Safari, Desert safari, cruise dinner, camel ride, Burj Khalifa, Dubai beaches, Dubai shopping festival and many, many more.

Desert Safari 


Desert Safari is a must-do activity in Dubai. It is always best to contact best desert safari operator in Dubai as they will make all the arrangements hassle free. You will enjoy the experience of riding in the tranquil desert in a 4×4 vehicle. Desert Safari in Dubai tour allows you to enjoy the sunset in desert and then bring you to a wonderful camp. In this camp, you will enjoy seeing the show of belly dance along with romantic BBQ dinner. You can even stay here in desert. Thrill lovers enjoy this desert safari fully as it is an action packed experience.

Cruise Dinner


One of the great ways to spend a splendid evening in Dubai is by opting for a cruise dinner. It is an awesome experience to enjoy dhow cruise along Dubai creek with delicious dinner. It is an ideal way to relax. If you want to give your special one a romantic surprise then opting for cruise dinner works best. There is a variety of seating arrangement in a wooden Arabian dhow to choose from. You can choose either upper deck or lower deck. Dinner served in the cruise is a blend of international dishes. You will also enjoy seeing the views while you dine such as Heritage Village, Sheikh’s Palace and the Textile Souk.

Burj Khalifa


Burj Khalifa is the landmark building of Dubai, which also happens to be world’s tallest man-made structure. Many tourists visit the observation deck on the 124th floor. From this amazing birds-eye perspective, the views around the Dubai skyline such as Dubai marina, Burj-Al Arab and a few other exciting sights are really mind-blowing. You will also get the experience of watching a multimedia presentation about history of Dubai and Burj Khalifa with the slick observation deck.

Dubai Beaches


If enjoy playing beach games, swimming in the warm Gulf waters, jet skiing, jogging and picnicking then Dubai beach offers you everything. Families enjoy here greatly as they can experience here family friendly atmosphere. Beaches of Dubai are all-action and buzzing hot spots. A huge crowed is seen on Dubai Beaches. A few of the famous beaches of Dubai are Jumeirah open beach, Kite beach and Burj beach.

Camel Ride


Do you want to experience camel riding in Dubai style? If yes, Camel ride involves doing three marvelous activities and morning desert experience too. With the help of professional guide, travel into the desert and visit camel farm. Begin your morning with skid and slide down the dunes, quad bike and sand boarding to slip.

Dubai Aquarium


It is the topmost tourist fascination of Dubai, which boasts nearly 140 species of sea life. You can see this Aquarium on Dubai mall’s ground floor. Free viewing is possible from the mall however if you enter the underwater zoo then you can take a walk through the aquarium tunnels.

The Burj Al-Arab


It is one of the tallest hotels of the world located on the coastline of Dubai. It stands 321 meters high. One of the most expensive hotels of the world, it offers several lavish suites. You will be amazed by seeing its architecture and the delicious eating options it offers.

Dubai water parks


It is the best attraction and visited mostly by the tourist every year. Everyone has fun here and get relaxed from the everyday worries of life. It is really a pleasant experience. A few famous water parks of Dubai are Wild Wadi, Aquaventure and the beach water park. It is a thrilling experience to visit Wild wadi Water Park, whereas Aquaventure is one of the biggest water parks of Dubai and include the most exciting adrenaline-pumping rides.

Falcon tour in Abu Dhabi

One of the nature’s breathtaking birds of prey is the Falcon. It has great significance in the culture as well as the history of the Middle East. Falcon tour in Abu Dhabi gives you insight into the psychology of this charming bird. You will get a splendid chance to travel around the falconry world. It is also possible for you to see how falcon gets pedicure. Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE only 90 minutes away from Dubai.

Dubai Shopping Festival


DSF brings something exciting every year for everyone. It serves as Disneyland for kids, shoppers’ paradise for adults and food fiesta for food lovers. The city is filled with great deals and discounts to fascinate the purchasers. Chief places for shopping are big malls and Global Village. The main goal of Dubai shopping festival is to promote trade as well as commerce in Dubai. It is organized at the beginning of a year. This festival has made Dubai proud. It is possible for you to take part in several activities and events, which are organized by the Government.
We hope you like this overview of major attractions of Dubai. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

Use AirDroid to backup photos from your phone to your PC

Smartphone cameras are everywhere. Everyday we take a large number of photos. In the long run, these photos take up a large portion of the device’s storage, which makes the life harder for users by forcing them to delete some pictures in order to make space for new ones. But it’s a losing battle, because after a while you will face the same dilemma again.

There are a number of solutions available. One common method is to backup your photos to cloud. While it is a good solution, there are a couple of downsides to it. One downside is that you have to pay money to buy the cloud storage. Yes, you get few GBs for free but you run out of it pretty soon and then you have to pay money to get more storage.

Another downside is privacy. We have seen it many times in past different cloud service providers getting their data compromised and sensitive information leaked out. Are you really willing to have your pictures leaked out on the internet?

This is where AirDroid comes in the picture.

AirDroid is a popular app to manage Android devices. They have released a new feature called Backup, which, as the name suggests, can be used to backup photos directly from an Android device to a PC or Mac. The data transfer is done through wireless network, and there is no cloud storage involved in between. So you don’t have to pay anything to anyone.

You can find more information about this feature here.

It’s a neat feature and I highly recommend using it to manage your photos, as well as your device’s storage.

10 Awesome Places in the World to Visit

There are many beautiful places in the world such as Argentina, Australia, China, Egypt, Thailand, France, Singapore, India, Russia, Nepal, Poland, Dubai etc., which are full of natural things and man-made beauty. One will be cherished by seeing the inexpressible views the world places have to offer. There are several places, which give you amazing travelling experience. Maybe you will not get enough time to visit all the places in the world but by visiting a few destinations in the world, you can get unforgettable moments in your life. To live a fulfilled life and reduce the burden of your life, one should visit a variety of destinations. One should not miss to experience perfect beauty and weather the world places has to provide. Several types of travel lovers are there who always in the search of new places to visit where they can throw their everyday stress and make fun there. It would be not possible to discuss all the places of the world but here we have brought 10 awesome places.


  1. Burj Khalifa – Bubai: It is a must visit place in Dubai. It is the world’s biggest building in Dubai to visit standing at over almost 828 meters. This high tech architecture is known as the masterpiece of downtown Dubai. It is surrounded by a huge range of entertainment things, five star hotels and wonderful shopping destinations. Hence, you will spend quality time here. It is also made of four ms magnificent pools, an exclusive residential apartments and an elite cigar club. It is the biggest skyscraper in of the world makes use of double-decker elevators. If you are visiting Dubai and miss to opt for desert safari tours Dubai then it is of no use. It is an exciting and thrilling experience. You will have fun while driving in the desert. If you are a newlywed couple and want to experience the romantic ambiance then what is better than going to dhow cruise marina in Dubai, which provides you soothing pleasure.

  1. Statue of Liberty- New York City: It is one of the top most attractions of New York, which is visited by many tourists every year. It welcomes returning Americans, visitors and immigrants. It depicts a robed woman who holds aloft a burning torch. Here torch flame gold leaf and pure copper is seen in the making of her robes. It is a recognizable landmark of New York attars several tourist. It stands 305 ft above Liberty Island. If you are planning to live in New York for many days then there are other interesting attractions that you should visit.

Eiffel Tower

  1. Eiffel Tower – Paris: It is the most visited attraction of the world. You can see the pictures of Eiffel tower are seen in travel brochures, travel guides and postcards. You will get an unforgettable experience of chill spring wind at the top of Eiffel tower. It becomes a symbol of Paris and visited by nearly 6million people every year. The popularity of this popular landmark can be compared to world famous icons like the Statue of Liberty and Pyramids. You will surely enjoy an eagle’s look at the city and amazing views over Paris Landscape.


  1. Royal Botanical Gardens – London: This splendid garden boasts 20 acres of land and. It is not only just a beautiful garden but boasts nearly 1,500 various species of trees, various kinds of plants and flowers too. You will feel relaxed here from noisy hustle of your routine life. You will get here heavenly feel and relief from hectic life. You will completely involve into the beauty of this garden. Its location is in the heart of Paseo Del Parado. Many tourists come to visit this garden every year. It is a place worth spending time in.


  1. Bayfront Park – Miami: It is another ideal place to visit. Here, you will find many amusing things such as entertainment venues, shopping and dining venues too. It is a huge urban public park located in Miami, Florida. When you visit this place, do not forget to have a ride through Biscayne Bay on the ship of a real pirate. Everyone will find this place appealing and especially women as they can see there a huge number of apparel shops. You will also enjoy here a few musical performances at the amphitheater.

Burano Island

  1. Burano Island – Venice: It is another worth visiting place. This beautiful tourist place locate in Venice is full of colorful buildings to enjoy. Even if, there are no particular attractions seen here, you will enjoy taking a walk while watching colorful buildings. This island is the least crowded thus it gives you a soothing experience after visiting bustling Murano. It is the combination of both beauty and splendor.


  1. Opera House – Sydney: It is the most exciting, unique and crucial building to visit. It is the most recognized place in the Australia. There is not a single building, which looks like this beautiful building on the earth hence it becomes very popular among tourists. Many tourists make crowd here to visit it. Nearly 3,000 events and performances are taken place in this building and hence considered as the busiest performing arts centre of the world. You can walk the perimeter of Opera house to take in the best views of Sydney Harbor Bridge, Harbor and Circular Quay.

The Ancient Rome

  1. The Ancient Rome: The great thing about this place is you can see here a huge number of buildings as well as palaces made during roman period. Piazza, Via dei Fori Imperiali, Venezia and Colosseum are the chief places of interest to watch in the Ancient Rome.

Dusit Zoo

  1. Dusit Zoo – Bangkok: This place is visited by wildlife lovers. Both children and adults can enjoy seeing this place as it is boasts of 300 various mammals and 1,000 birds. It covers almost 47 acres, which is located within Bangkok city. Some species of wildlife you are able to explore here are giraffes, rhinos, monkeys and crocodiles


  1. Aquarium at the Silverton Hotel – Las Vegas: It is world’s biggest indoor aquarium. It is a must watch place. Your whole family will enjoy seeing this place. It is a 117,000 gallon tank, which features nearly 4,000 tropical fish such as sharks, stingrays and other attractive sea life. Both old and young ones will surely enjoy seeing this huge aquarium.